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"Milan is considered a leading alpha global city,[11] with strengths in the field of the art, commerce, design, ...
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What we know

place of wedding

place of wedding Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor (1165-1197), Constance of Sicily (1154-1198) 27.01.1186
place of wedding Gian Galeazzo Sforza (1469-1494), Isabella of Naples (1470-1524) 02.02.1489
place of wedding Ippolita Maria Sforza (1446-1484), Alfonso II of Naples (1448-1495) 10.10.1465
place of wedding Viridis Visconti (1350-1414), Leopold III, Duke of Austria (1351-1386) 23.02.1365
place of wedding Marco Visconti (1353-1382), Elisabeth von Bayern (1361-1382)
place of wedding Azzone Visconti (1302-1339) Oktober 1330

Place of stay

Place of stay Constantine the Great (275-337), Licinius I. (265-325 n. Chr.) Februar 313 n. Chr.

Place of birth

Place of birth Filippo Maria Visconti (1392-1447) 23.11.1392
Place of birth Galeazzo Maria Sforza (1444-1476) 24.01.1444
Place of birth Giovanni Paolo I Sforza (1497-1535)
Place of birth Taddea Visconti (-1381)
Place of birth Viridis Visconti (1350-1414)
Place of birth Marco Visconti (1353-1382)
Place of birth Rodolfo Visconti (1358-1389) 1358
Place of birth Antonia Visconti (-1405)
Place of birth Maddalena Visconti (-1404)
Place of birth Valentina Visconti, Queen of Cyprus (-1393)
Place of birth Elisabetta Visconti (1374-1432)

Place of death

Place of death Filippo Maria Visconti (1392-1447) 13.08.1447
Place of death Francesco I Sforza (1401-1466) März 1466
Place of death Galeazzo Maria Sforza (1444-1476) 26.12.1476
Place of death Beatrice Regina della Scala (1331-1384) 18.06.1384
Place of death Azzone Visconti (1302-1339) 16.08.1339
Place of death Giovanni Visconti (-1354) 05.10.1354

place of action

place of action Duke Filippo Maria Visconti (1392-1447) 1412-1447
place of action Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza (1444-1476) 1466-1476
place of action Gian Galeazzo Sforza (1469-1494) 1476-1494
place of action Duke Ludovico Sforza (1452-1508) 1494-1499
place of action Duke Maximilian Sforza (1493-1530) 1512-1515

Burial place

Burial place Bernabò Visconti (1323-1385)
Burial place Beatrice Regina della Scala (1331-1384)
Burial place Azzone Visconti (1302-1339)

Sources & Mentions